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Cana sampler six Hand Made selected premium tobacco. Executive Edition Gordo ( 6”x60) VIP Edition Toro (6 3/4”x52)

Limited Edition Soberano (7 5/8”x57) Gran Reserve Perfecto ( 4 5/8”x52) Vintage Edition Torpedo ( 6 1/8”x52) Classic Edition Double Corona ( 7 5/8”x50)

Cana Cigars bring back the times when those from Dominican rep. Were the best in the world. Meticulously crafted by skilled masters rollers these silky cigars are hand-detailed the way that they used to be in the fields of Villa Gonzalez. They have a cap that is finished with a long curly head, the foot is an original cola (tail). Each tobacco leaf is hand picked to compliment the others. The cigars are then cured and aged through and extensive labor-intensive process.

After three years and five curing fermentations, the leaves evolve into great Puros at the hands of skilled artisans. Smoking the cigar is so unique that you will think you are enjoying those from the past. The draw is firm. It burns evenly. The white ash is long and clean. The complex taste is intensely flavorful and full in body. This is what smoking a cigar is all about.

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