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The long-expected novelty from brand Cana Blue has appeared quite recently, but no one even suspected that this brand can surprise its fans with something new. Cana Blue surprised everyone with its quality as well as its look. At the demonstration of the new Cana Blue Recessed Filter Virginia Blend Classa A Cigarettes, people have surely noted a great work, held by Cana Group Company to replenish the brand line Cana Blue.


Cana Blue it is a unique cigarettes, with 10 mg tar and 0.9 mg nicotine Carbon 10 mg be called medium by heaviness, thus their richness and taste bring lots of pleasure from each cigarette. The quality of Cana Blue Cigarettes was always high so we don’t have to mention it one more time and we don’t have to say how good keeps the right traditions and has always emphasized the quality of cigarettes and easy adoption of the cigarette smoke. But in the new line of Cana Blue the companydesigners did their best. The package of Cana Blue is the one that immediately strikes the eye.

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